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Nextcloud Appointments

Book appointments into your calendar via a secure online form. Attendees can confirm or cancel their appointments via an email link. Nextcloud appointments can replace Calendly, and works with all the other apps inside Nextcloud.

Features (adding new ones every update):

  • Timezone detection & casting
  • Two-way email notifications
  • Double booking protection
  • Custom email textBooking page style override
  • GDPR compliance support
  • Embeddable
  • Recurrence rules (RRULE) support
  • External availability management
  • Adjustable minimum lead time
  • Appointment titles
  • Booking page directory built-in
  • Up to 10 booking pages per user


1. Create a separate calendar for the online appointments booked.


2. Choose that calendar


3. Add your info.

You can cross reference with 2 more of your calendars for conflicts (even a Google calendar if you have the API connected)


4. Embed the calendar form into your website, or send the link to whomever you want