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Welcome to canWork

canWork is a platform you can organize documents in the cloud. It has multiple apps that can organize your tasks, allow you to start chats with your contacts (even if they are not on canWork Cloud), share photos, create doodles, and keep yourself organized with project management tools, and always have access to your latest files, no matter where are are!

A quick outline of things you need to get set up using your canWork Cloud.

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Apps included in canWork Cloud {NC V23}:

  • Dashboard
  • Mail client
  • File storage and sharing
  • Photo Gallery
  • Activity tab
  • Keeweb
  • Nextcloud Talk
  • Contacts
  • Circles
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Deck Project Manager
  • Polls
  • Tasks
  • Temporary Files Lock
  • Group_Folder
  • Notify _Apps

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Manuals and User Support

Direct from Nextcloud:

Support tickets: support(at)

Apps to Install both Mac and PC download

Mobile and desktop clients:

Download page:

Using canWork Cloud

There are many ways to use canWork Cloud. It all depends on you, and your preferred workflow.

Do you like to work from folders on your hard drive (you can sync select folders anytime), or have all your files on the cloud and work through your browser? Mobile? A mixture of all?

  • Work from anywhere
  • Have access to all your latest file versions
  • Work collaboratively and keep your data safe
  • Make remote collaboration easy using live documents
  • Work offline

Connect easily to all your online work area.


Login via a browser (Chrome / Safari / Firefox). See your Dashboard for easy review of your day

When you login via a browser, you can see all the files and folders your user has access to. This is where you can see everything in one place. Choose from the top bar to view.

Desktop Client

You can sync any folders to your Desktop (if you like working from your document folders).