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Forms Keep your Surveys Private

Over a third of users that abandon survey’s, do so because they are worried about privacy and security. With Nextcloud Forms, you can create as many forms, with as many questions, and shared with as many people as you like – without any limitations.

You can choose from a range of question types such as checkboxes, multiple choice, dropdowns, short answer and long text.

Share Forms via a link to anyone, or even directly to specific users on your Nextcloud server or to the whole Nextcloud instance.

For security reasons, set an expiration date. There is no limitation on the amount of forms or questions you can create nor the links you can share or the number of people who can reply. Also important: Forms is responsive and will look good on any device or screen!

Responses are visualized either as summary statistics with charts. You can also see the individual responses if you need to dig deeper or have a small number of respondents. The export format is compatible with the format used by Google Forms to work with any tool or workflow designed for integration with that.