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canWork.Cloud Community

Looking for a full set of affordable cloud apps for the most affordable price?

Join one of our existing Nextcloud communities.

Affordable per-user pricing with no minimum.

$5/person per month without domain email
$10/person per month with domain email

canWork.Cloud Professional

A private canWork instance for your team with its own web URL.

Includes Nextcloud, Jitsi video meetings and Canadian hosted e-Mail

$50/month + $5/person/month/without domain email
$50/month + $10/person/month/with domain email

*can be upgraded to Enterprise pricing as you grow.

canWork.Cloud Enterprise Server

A private server for your canWork apps for large organizations, the most compliant option

per-app + usage billing instead of per-user

Includes encryption at rest


Build your own custom app server, and save money!

canWork Cloud Standalone or Add-on Apps


Kanboard is an open source Kanban project management software.

Simple and easy to use.

This is our most affordable project management application.

Add as many users as you need, at no extra cost.

Available as a standalone product or as an add-on to a canWork Cloud server.
Source application: Kanboard


Open Source help desk software.

Email ticketing plus, all the other features needed to create a productive customer service workflow.

You’ll need a license from Helpspot:

Helpspot charges $699/usd/year for 3 agents

Cantrust hosts, updates, and runs it in Canada.

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