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Users, Groups, and Group Folders

Inside Nextcloud, all Users are organized into Groups. Your Nextcloud Admin user can create new users and manage membership in the various groups. You can then make Group Folders for different groups to provide shared drives for your users to work in.
Your instance comes with some standard groups already configured for you to use. As you add users, you can place them into the correct groups, then setup Group Folders for those groups (with whatever names and permissions you like). These are then present in the home folder for all users.

The default groups are:

  • Users (all users should be placed in this group)
  • Accounting
  • Contractors
  • Customer Service
  • Directors
  • Employees
  • Human Resources
  • IT Admin
  • Management
  • Products
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Volunteers

If you would like different groups (to match existing ones you are migrating for example), please contact us with a support ticket and the list of groups you need, and we will make the necessary changes for you before you add your users.

*pro tip: if the existing file structure matches, that will make the migration of your current data easier.

Group Folders

Using Group Folders on top of groups allows you to create the workflow of shared drive letters or shared intranet folders. This is where you access user group permissions.

If you are migrating to canWork Cloud from a shared folder environment, then you should recreate the shared folders / drive letters as Group Folders, assigning users into the correct groups so that they will receive access automatically.

Users will then generally figure out what to do on their own and be able to continue working with the workflows they are used to.

Group Folders:

  • Are always present in the home folder of users in that group and cannot be turned off by the user.
  • Can be configured in numerous ways, including read-only vs read-write.
  • Are your most powerful organizational tool as the Nextcloud Admin.
  • Are where files used for shared workflows in your organization should be created and kept.

The Group Folders administration screen is found under the Administration settings (in your top right Profile menu → Settings).