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Google Integration

Google Migration is a 3 step process

  • Add Google API tokens and enable Google API access (to get your secret codes)
  • Add the codes to Nextcloud admin (currently, send them to CanTrust Hosting Coop as a support request)
  • Migrate user data to Nextcloud (users will do this as they require)

To allow your Nextcloud users to authenticate with Google, create an OAuth application in your Google setting:  Google API settings

  • Go to “APIs & Services” => “Credentials” and click on “+ CREATE CREDENTIALS” -> “OAuth client ID“.
  • Set the “Application type” to “Web application” and give a name to the application (that you will recognize).
  • Make sure you set one “Authorized redirect URI” to
  • **Put the “Client ID” and “Client secret” into a ticket for CanTrust: this will be automatic later.

Please include your company name.

  • Go to “APIs & Services” => “Library” and add the following APIs: “Google Drive API“, “Google Calendar API“, “People API” and “Photos Library API“.
  • Your Nextcloud users will then see a “Connect to Google” button in their personal settings.

If you run into errors later while viewing the data migration page, come back to this step and make sure you have enabled Google API Access in your Google API settings.