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Adding and Managing Users

Users are managed in the “Users” screen under your main user profile menu. Here you can add new users or edit existing users, assigning them to the various groups.

As well as set the user’s username, e-mail, password etc, you can set which groups the user belongs to.

You should always set them as a member of Users, and also any other groups you would like to use for organization.

See the Nextcloud Administration Manual for information on using the Users screen:

  • To add new users, click The New User button on the top left of the screen.
  • Enter the new user’s information, assign the user to tat least the Users group to start with, then save.
  • To edit an existing user, use the edit (pencil) icon to the right of the user in the list, edit fields as needed, and then click the checkbox icon at the far right to save your changes.

Make sure you press the checkbox at the right of the line to save, or it didn’t’ happen!

To temporarily disable / re-enable a user, use the … menu to the right of the user and choose “Disable” or “Enable”. This prevents a user from logging in but does not remove their files or their shares.

To delete a user and their shares, use the same menu (to the right of the user). Be careful with this one, obviously! If you wish to keep a user’s files, you should first password reset the user, log into it, and move those files into a group folder. If that is not feasible, please file a support ticket and we can help you by Transferring Ownership of the files and shares to a different user. Please provide the username you wish to transfer from and to in the ticket.

For more information about deleting users and what happens to their files, please see this informative Nextcloud blog post:

User-Pricing: Depending on whether you are on User pricing or Server pricing, you may incur a monthly fee for each user that you add. Customers who have their own private canWork Cloud server can make unlimited users with no per-user monthly fee. Customers who are hosting their NextCloud instance on one of our shared servers will pay a fee per-user per-month.

It is possible (and encouraged) to migrate from a shared server to a private one, once you have enough users (~ >20, every org is different) for it to financially make sense, or if you are looking for maximum compliance and privacy.