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Nextcloud Admin Account

Your Nextcloud Admin user is a special account that is able to manage some of your settings and canWork Nextcloud users. It (and any other users in the “Nextcloud Admin” group ) have these special privileges.

You can use this Admin user to manage the users in your Nextcloud instance, including adding new users and removing old users / reassigning their files and shares.

Security Note: You should resist the temptation to use your admin user(s) for day to day use (ie. for day-to-day file sharing and collaboration). Instead, you should create a regular user for yourself, and any other users you wish to add.

Compared to a normal user, the Admin user has a couple of extra menu options underneath the account menu (activated by clicking the account initials / profile picture at the top right of the screen)

  • Users and Groups : Add, modify and remove users from your instance and organize them in Groups.
  • Settings: Modify settings for your instance like the colours, background image, apps on the toolbar, and more.