canWork Cloud

The world’s best business apps, together on one managed platform.

Open Source software encourages collaboration and co-operation, while respecting your privacy and rights, and saving money on your monthly cloud bill.

Everything your team needs to work online is here: from email and calendar to team chat, video calls, collaborative document editing, kanboards, polls, help desk, and more.

Nextcloud Hub is the main user interface in canWork Cloud. Nextcloud is used by tens of millions of users, at thousands of organizations around the world.  It is the leading open-source collaboration suite and works for organizations of any size.

Nextcloud provides the core features of: cloud file backup and sharing (like Dropbox , Google Drive, OneDrive), team collaboration (like Google Workspace or Microsoft Teams), collaborative office editing (like Office 365 and Google Workspace) and Kanboard project management (like Trello, Wrike and Asana).  It also provides tools like polls, forms, surveys, notes, photos, password management, and much more!

The Open Source Apps we Manage:

Fairly priced as you grow

Most online cloud apps are priced by the user, per month. This works great when you are just starting out, but as your organization grows so does your cost per month.

canWork cloud switches to usage-based billing for larger organizations of 50 or more users. This flattens your pricing as you grow, rather than taxing you on your success.

Save up to 90% on monthly cloud bills with usage-based billing. Your business can sky rocket, but your costs won’t!

Are you:

canWork.Cloud Community

Looking for a full set of affordable cloud apps for the most affordable price?

Join one of our existing Nextcloud communities.

Affordable per-user pricing with no minimum.

$5/person per month without domain email
$10/person per month with domain email

canWork.Cloud Professional

A private canWork instance for your team with its own web URL.

Includes Nextcloud, Jitsi video meetings and Canadian hosted e-Mail

$50/month + $5/person/month/without domain email
$50/month + $10/person/month/with domain email

*can be upgraded to Enterprise pricing as you grow.

canWork.Cloud Enterprise Server

A private server for your canWork apps for large organizations, the most compliant option

per-app + usage billing instead of per-user

Includes encryption at rest


Build your own custom app server, and save money!

What does it look like in action?

The future is collaboration

Start a chat with anyone… it’s just a link!

Send someone a URL link to start a private chat with them!

Need to set up a meeting with a group?

Learn to use Polls like a pro!


This is where you access and share all your folders: Files Overview


Many different activities to view. Endless options, miss nothing! See Activity Overview for more info


A safe place to store your password database, so you and your team can access it anywhere via Nextcloud. See Keeweb Overview for more info.

Nextcloud Short How-to Video Docs

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