Nextcloud Hub

What is Nextcloud Hub

It’s the most popular self-hosted collaboration tool used by thousands of organizations across the globe.

  • Backup and share files with your team members and the public with Nextcloud Files
  • Manage your Email, Calendar, and Tasks with Nextcloud Groupware
  • Team Edit your documents with Collabra or ONLYOffice
  • Communicate in text and video meetings with Nextcloud Talk and Jitsi
  • Securely store and sync passwords with KeeWeb or KeePass password managers
  • Organize your team with polls, kanboards, appointment calendar, tasks, rich workspaces, file locking, group folders and circles apps

Agile Teams with Nextcloud

File Sync, Sharing and Collaboration

Integrated Office Document Collaboration

Remote work with Nextcloud

Nextcloud Talk

Nextcloud Photos

Nextcloud Collectives Wiki

Nextcloud Forms

Nextcloud Appointments

Nextcloud File Locking

Workflow and organizing shared files

File Sharing

How does Nextcloud compare to other options?

Nextcloud comparison to other cloud apps