Kanboard is an Open Source Kanban project management software.

  • visualize your work
  • focus on your goals
  • get tasks to the finish line

CanTrust hosts, updates, and maintains your Kanboard instance.

Kanboard Features:

  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Visual
  • There is no training required to use this product

How to update a task, and add it to the completed column

  • Open your Kanboard
  • Edit task
  • Adjust colour
  • Add information
  • Save
  • Drag and drop columns

Pro tip: To mark a task complete, create a completed column, (you can hide any tasks you want from main view).

More Built-in Features

Task Limit

Set the user task limit and the category task limit.

By setting task limits, you can avoid bottlenecks, improve productivity, and make it easier to prioritize tasks effectively. However, it’s essential to set appropriate limits that align with your team’s capacity and workflow to avoid causing inefficiencies or blocking progress.

When you are over the limit, the column is highlighted.

Search and Filters

Kanboard’s straightforward query language allows for quick task retrieval, providing the flexibility to apply custom filters dynamically on the board. Easily search by assignees, descriptions, categories, due dates, and more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Tasks, subtasks, attachments and comments

  • A task can breakdown into sub-tasks.
  • Estimate time and/or complexity.
  • Use Markdown syntax in your tasks

Options include:

  • Add comment
  • Add documents
  • Change colour,
  • Change category
  • Change the assignee
  • Add or change the due date.
  • Move your tasks across projects with one click.

Automatic Actions

Streamline your workflow using automated actions. Eliminate repetitive manual tasks by automatically changing assignees, colors, categories, and more based on specific events. Let automation handle the tedious work for you!

Simple, easy to use interface.